Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Part III - Astrological Trends February 2013 - “Jump, Jive and Then You Wail”

“The Wail”

February gets the dubious honor of hosting the first Mercury Retrograde of 2013 in a water sign, Pisces.  In fact, all three Mercury Retrogrades for 2013 occur in water signs: Pisces, February 23rd to March 17th; Cancer, June 26th to July 20th and Scorpio, October 21st to November 10th.  What does this mean for us, other that a sharp rise in stock prices for both Mrs. Paul’s and Gorton’s?

The planet Mercury rules communications, mental acuity and speech. During retrograde, simple misunderstandings happen because of poor, or unreliable communication.  If you have a reputation for witty remarks (a little bit of tarot’s Knight of Swords here) you may find yourself feeling pretty dim witted.  We are told not to begin new ventures during a Mercury Retrograde, not to sign contracts, make major purchases, etc. (See my blog: “Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You” for complete information)

Water signs deal with matters that lie below the surface of our lives - our spiritual connection to the Divine, our emotions and our intuition.  Mercury Retrograde in a water sign makes us feel as if we’re treading water in the middle of the ocean and our inner tube has just sprung a leak.  Little remarks can be blown completely out of proportion.  We have a sense of isolation and grounding ourselves becomes more difficult.  For these reasons some of our less than desirable traits float to the surface, making life more difficult than it needs to be. 

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces plays to our sensitivities and our emotions are easily exposed.  If you have issues around victimizing people or being a victim yourself, your triggers may be uber twitchy.  Pisces loves its secrets and there can be a slight tendency towards intrigues and self-deception.  Our lucky break comes from Neptune, Pisces ruling planet.  Neptune is visiting home turf.  The planet of creative dreamers lends stability to the undercurrents of a retrograde in Pisces.  Pisces is a sign of compassion and creativity.  Our creative drives will still be strong during retrograde and can best be utilized by reviewing and revamping (remember ‘r’ words) your projects.  As always, the key to a successful Mercury Retrograde is staying connected to your higher self.  Again, we receive a hand from Neptune.  Meditate, meditate, meditate.

Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to make you hide in the closet.  Stay focused, positive and grounded.  Remember your ‘r’ words and in case of an emergency, buy yourself really good chocolate.


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