Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Major Arcana's # 10, The Wheel of Fortune - That's Some Cookie

At first glance, tarot’s Major Arcana # 10, The Wheel of Fortune, suggests a gamble, or that life is a game of chance.  In stead of the Goddess, Fortuna, we sometimes find ourselves hoping Vanna White will turn a key letter in a phrase that helps us decode the message that life is screaming at us.  What’s the answer?  What’s about to happen?  I knew I should have saved up for a vowel.  

Keywords for #10 include, ‘chance encounter, ‘destiny,’ and ‘fate.’  There’s an air of romance in these words, expectation and more than a hint of mystery.  #10 can also denote movement in your life that closely resembles the first step in a vision quest.  The chance it represents in this case, is your chance to become something and someone more than you ever expected to be.   

The Wheel is about change in the status quo - the usual circumstances, the given factors.  The key to dealing with #10 when it appears in a pivotal part of your reading, is to examine your ability to adapt to change.  Seasons and circumstances change. People change.  But here’s the exciting part.  Change offers us the chance to grow and learn - to develop a skill set that later on gives us a chance to expand our vision and definition of who we are.  Is change unsettling?  Often so.  Is it welcome? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Is it inevitable? Absolutely.  It comes at us from all directions.  That’s why all four elements are represented on #10.  

Everything I know about The Wheel of Fortune, I learned from Carole King’s song, “Sweet Seasons.”

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,
         And sometimes the blues get hold of you
         Just when you thought you made it.”

Look for your shot at destiny in your reading.  Look for that chance to become someone above and beyond.  It’s there.  The thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t like the winds of fortune today, don’t worry.  They always change.  Just keep it light.


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