Friday, February 8, 2013

#7, Major Arcana's The Chariot - Life as a Velvet Steamroller

The Chariot from RWCS
 In tarot suits, sevens portray an aspect of victory.  In The Major Arcana, #7, The Chariot represents triumph over adversity.  The Chariot may conjure up images from “Ben Hur,” or “Gladiator” for you.  Roman charioteers charge around the arena jockeying for position as the crowd cheers them on.  Our charioteer in #7, however, doesn’t challenge another racer.  He challenges himself to win by using the strength of his own will.   

In the traditional RWCS depiction, the charioteer holds a scepter - a symbol of his right to rule his domain.  As in #1, The Magician, the scepter acts as a medium between earth and spirit.  The charioteer doesn’t raise the scepter above his head as the Magician does.  He’s content to establish his dominance here on the earth.  Don’t he mislead, however. The figure in The Chariot is perfectly capable of calling down fire from Heaven. His crown signifies Apollo, the Roman God of the Sun, who drove his fiery chariot across the sky, creating the day. 

#7 Rhiannon, the horse goddess
from Celtic mythology shown here is
fron "The Goddess Tarot"© by
Kris Waldherr represents The Chariot
In his writings, the philosopher, Plato, described the human mind as a chariot drawn by two horses, one black, one white.  Subconscious and Conscious thought. What we see in #7 is not the use of brute strength to defeat adversity, rather it is the pairing of intuition and reason that overcomes the obstacles.  Instead of using horses, as Plato does, the RWCS deck goes one step further, using sphinxes, one black, one white, to power tarot’s chariot.  Cosmic mystery is introduced, offering the mind a chance to expand past ordinary perception.  Our charioteer doesn’t need reins to guide his vehicle.  He surrenders to the mystery and guides the outcome of his battle through his faith in himself.

It’s good to see lucky #7 when you feel as if your back is
Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen's
highflying Chariot from "Wizard's Tarot"©
against the wall.  When The Chariot appears, he reminds us that victory is close by if not already here.  His message is to rise above your self-imposed limitations, or the people who would make you sink to their level.  When all is well in your world, however, The Chariot can appear as a warning that you are dominating someone or something.  You may be investing your ego when you should be employing common sense.  


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