Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 29, 2012 - The Hunter's Moon In Taurus

There are clues and foreshadowings in nature as well as in the pages of a good book.  In stories, a writer uses these devices to heighten the suspense and keep the reader turning the pages until the very end.  As the plot and characters take shape in our mind, we ask ourselves, “Am I I right?  Did I figure out who did it?”  There are plenty of clues this month regarding the strength of October’s Full Moon and they will keep us on the edge of our seats until the 29th.  This month’s Full Moon is at six degrees, forty-eight seconds of Taurus and from all the evidence, we will see a miraculous moon for manifesting our desires.  

On October 29th the Full Hunter’s Moon will preside over our night sky.  The name, Hunter’s Moon, was the name given to October’s Full Moon by Native Americans who, as we still do today, culled out game from the wild herds each autumn.  Fall hunting served two purposes: First, the hunters could put aside extra stores of food and skins for the coming winter and second, the herd would be thinned out and there would be fewer animals lost to starvation when the natural food supply grew meager during the winter months.

The Full Hunter’s Moon is always powerful.  Diana, Goddess of the Moon is also Goddess of the Hunt.  This Hunter’s Moon happens to fall in Taurus and most of the astrologers on the net agree that not only is this an extremely powerful moon, but that it is probably the best moon of the year to practice abundance work through affirmations, meditations and good, old fashioned financial reviews.  Look at your stock portfolio.  Are you considering a change in investment strategy?  The 29th is a great time to implement that change.  Some astrologers have even dubbed October 29th as “money maker day.”  Let’s take a look at why.  

We can turn to tarot’s Major Arcana (meaning “big secret or mystery”) for confirmation of the sort energy that will be flying around us on the night of the Hunter’s Moon.  Taurus is an intensely spiritual sign and its corresponding tarot card is #5, the Hierophant.  What a surprise. The Hierophant is the corner stone of faith and spirituality in the Major Arcana.  His influence means that Taurus is no fair weather friend.  A Taurus is always “in it to win it.”  Like the Hierophant, they appreciate structure.  Safety and security are the linch pin of a Full Moon in Taurus and people born under the sign of the bull like their comfort.  Make that luxury.  Taurus can sense an opportunity a mile away and they have the discipline to see a venture through to a successful conclusion.

Venus rules Taurus and the Major Arcana card for Venus is none other than #3, The Empress.  The Empress is the very essence of abundance and luxury.  She is depicted as perpetually pregnant, wanting for nothing and giving life to our ideas and ventures. Her energy nourishes and supports us.  Taurus is an earth sign, aligned with tarot’s suit of pentacles.  While both Taurus and The Hierophant like their luxury, they also have a down to earth practicality that helps them focus in the real world.  Pentacles are about the material - money, goods, career and health.  What happens when we combine the abundance of The Empress, the faith and structure of The Hierophant with the sign of Taurus?  We have the perfect seeds for manifesting. Disease and rot resistant.  
It’s important to remember that the moon loves to be in Taurus and she is very high-functioning within that sign.  No wonder.  The Full Moon is guided by #2 in the Major Arcana, The High Priestess.  The High Priestess represents instinct, intuition and unconscious thought.  In the RWCS deck, she’s depicted wearing none other than the crown of Isis (or Hathor, the Woman-Cow Goddess. See where this is leading?)  The crown’s shape is a single steer horn set on either side of a disk; which also happens to be the shape of the glyph representing the sign of Taurus.  Funny how these thing work out.  In ancient Egypt, the disk in the center of the crown originally represented the sun.  As different cultures assimilated the myths of Isis and Hathor into their own traditions, the disk changed from representing the sun, to representing the moon.  In Pagan tradition, the crown of Isis is seen as the Triple Goddesses, Maiden, Mother and Crone; or, as the waxing crescent, the full and the waning crescent moons.  Are you dizzy yet?  But wait!  There’s more!  

In my last blog I told you that Saturn entered Scorpio at the beginning of this month and will remain there until 2015.  Although Saturn is somewhat of a task master, we all receive energy boosts while that planet remains in the transformative power of Scorpio.  These boosts enable us to strive harder and attain more of our goals.  And here’s the kicker.  While Scorpio’s ruling card is #13, Death, or Transformation, Saturn’s ruling card is #22 - The World.  The World represents the culmination of the soul’s journey, or the ability to have it all.  Wow.  The ability to access transformative energy to change your world.  That sounds like manifesting to me.  

Mars remains in Sagittarius during the Full Moon.  This gives us some wonderful, fiery wand energy to help us harness the power of both Taurus and Saturn in Scorpio.  Get your wish lists ready and don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to bring your dreams into this reality.  Happy manifesting!


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