Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio October, 2012 - Defining Moments

The astrological gloves come off this month.  On October 5th we saw Mercury and Saturn move into Scorpio.  Boy howdy!  Saturn usually remains in a sign for two and a half years, so Scorpions, take note.  While everyone will have their share of tests during this period, Scorpions will have defining moments.  Saturn is known for teaching through challenges.  Remember that the test of any challenge is always what you discover about yourself in terms resilience and focus.  Saturn’s challenges are not about crushing your spirit.  Envision tarot’s # 7, The Chariot - triumph over adversity, and work with that image in meditations when you are feeling particularly overwhelmed.  #8, Strength is also good.

For those of us born under the sign of Scorpio, it’s important to remember that Scorpio is all about transformation and rebirth - tarot’s  # 13, Death.  Scorpios periodically reinvent themselves, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes simply for fun.  It’s who we are.  During the next two and a half years Scorpions will have plenty of opportunity for transformation.  

Under Saturn’s influence, Scorpions will face their fears as well as their true potential.  With hard work, we will be able to confront those fears we’ve allowed to hold us back and move past them.  Defining moments, remember?  And here’s where it gets exciting folks.  With a good portion of our fears gone, we are able to take great steps forward in our personal development and our goals. However, we must stay focused on what is important to us.  What is your goal and why did you choose it?  What portion of your life promotes the person you truly wish to be?  What portion of your life benefits the greater good?  Whatever paths we choose, we Scorpios must keep our vibrations and intentions high.  

Mars moved into Sagittarius on the October 6th as well.  That’s a lot of fiery wand action.  Don’t be surprised if you see your Sagittarian friends moving onward and upward this month.  If you’re a Sagittarius yourself, you probably already know what I’m talking about.  Look for lot’s of wands in your card readings, particularly the 2 and 3 of wands.    2 of wands is about personal power - having a satisfactory place in the world, but wanting more.  the 3 of wands is about discovering new horizons, or opportunities. 
Things will be hitting you Sagittarians hard and fast in the first part of October. Take a second to catch your breath, then take advantage of the planetary pull to explore new heights.  Work your mojo. 

The Full Hunter’s Moon occurs on October 29th in Taurus.  This is Diana’s moon and an amazing moon for everyone to manifest their desires into the material world.

Though we will all feel a little tug from Saturn, some of us will feel a more direct energy shift in cosmic energy.  Here’s a handy reference list.

Most effected - Scorpio 
Fixed signs -  Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius
Water signs - Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer
People whose birth chart has planets in Scorpio

You can accomplish great things with Saturn’s energy.  Just rising above the obstacles.  Take responsibility for your choices and their inevitable consequences - both good and bad.  Responsibility shouldn’t be an intimidating word.  By taking responsibility we also take control of our destiny.  Eyes on the prize people!  Hard work pays great dividends under Saturn’s influence.


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