Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Balancing Act Part 1 - Meet Your Chakras

Energy vibration, like water, seeks its own level.  If you spend your time hanging out in the lower vibrations - jealousy, vengeance, hatred and greed - you perceive your entire existence from that vibration.  Pretty soon you're acting like a character in the revamped "Dallas" series.  Spiteful, melodramatic and clearly low-budget.  Conversely, when you come from a grounded, peaceful state and are guided by compassion, joy and love, you are dwelling in the upper vibrations.  And that, my friends, is the realm of miracles.  

Pure, selfless love, or agape, as the Greeks called it, is a vibrational pipeline straight from your Creator to you.  Once you've touched the fringes of that high, pure vibration, either through meditation, prayer, or by a method entirely your own, there is no doing back.  You're connected, and the truth and purity of that connection vibrates through you.  It is part of you.  There is no separation. 
If you've ever mediated, or worked with energy healing in any form, you are probably already acquainted with chakras.  Chakra, a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel,' refers to any of several energy centers located in your body.  Spectrum light  emanates from each chakra, expanding outward on both the front and back of your body in a cone-shaped configuration.  This light energy swirls in a clock-wise motion.   When your chakras are balanced they direct your life force and connect you to the earth, to the Divine and to all points in between .  

Each chakra guides a different aspect of your life.  Below is a simple list of the seven major chakra names, their locations, colors and the aspects of life that they govern.

Chakra Name               Location                      Color           Area of Influence
          Crown                  top of the head              violet          Oneness with the Divine, wisdom

          3rd Eye                forehead                         indigo        intuition, subconscious

          Throat                  throat (duh)                     blue           personal power through verbalization

          Heart                   center of the chest          green         love, heart and soul connection

          Solar Plexus      stomach area                  yellow        personal power, manifesting goals

          Sacral                  just below navel            orange       harnesses creative forces, devotion

           Root                    base of the tailbone       red             grounding you in the physical body

That's how the energy is meant to flow, but like most things in life, it's not always that simple.  Chakras become congested, even blocked.  They can be too open, or not not open enough.  They can spin too fast, too slow, or even in the wrong direction.  How's that for complicated?

If you're not convinced that chakras are real, think back to the last time you had a lump in your throat.  Remember that tight ache that made it impossible to get out the words you needed to say?  Uh huh.  Throat chakra.  What about the time your one and only told you that you were no longer their one or only.    Remember how tight your chest felt?  Heart chakra.  The sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?  Solar Plexus.  Your chakras are hard at work, twenty-four seven, balancing your life force energy even without all the drama.  

You come in contact with hundreds, if not thousands of energy fields each day.  Unfortunately, there's no vaccination against some of them and it's all too easy for your field, or a particular chakra to become polluted.  Where low vibration pollutes, high vibration clears and balances.  How do you know if your chakras are out of balance?  Usually there’s a sense of emotional upheaval, or anxiety that can’t be traced to a root cause such as a bad relationship, an illness or financial woes.  Sometimes it’s as if we’re experiencing feelings that aren’t 
our own.  When you are beset by feelings of anger, hurt or fear and you can’t attribute the source, consider this.  Emotions like fear and anxiety can also come from negative energy that leaks through your body’s own energy field and unbalances one, or more chakras.
Huh?  That’s right; and this is how it works.

Your chakras help you perceive the world, or worlds, around you.  They put out and take in energy not only to perpetuate your existence, but to help you translate energy into thoughts, emotions and physical properties. While chakras are putting energy into your auric field (the energy field surrounding your body), they are also receiving energy from the auric fields of everyone and everything around you. How you are able to handle the incoming energy determines a lot about your day. 

How do you feel when you see a basket of kittens, or puppies?  How do you feel when you see video footage of a riot? What happens to you energetically, when someone yells at you, or calls you names?  What if they praise you, or tell you how much you mean to them? All these things have an effect on your body’s energy flow and whether or not your energy stays at a high vibration or plummets to a low one.

In my next blog, we’ll take a look at using various crystals and meditation to clean and balance the chakras.

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