Sunday, July 1, 2012

July's Buck Moon or "Sky Rockets In Flight"

Not all the pyrotechnics will be on July 4th this year.  July 2012 promises to be loaded with challenges and equally dramatic rewards.   July 3rd offers us the full moon commonly referred to as the Buck Moon, or Thunder Moon.  Traditionally, horns begin to show on young male deer at this time of year; hence Buck Moon, while the alternate name, Thunder Moon, refers to the frequency of summer thunder storms.  Another popular name for our July lady of the night is, Hay Moon, referring to the first hay crop of the season.

Astrologically, the Venus Transit ended on June 27th and now it's time to implement the ideas you've carefully pondered through the transit period.  July 3rd's full moon is in the first 12 degrees of Capricorn.  Mars has left Virgo and is now keeping company with Libra.  There can be issues of sensitivity, even volatility if you have personal planets within the early degrees of Libra.  However, the aggressive quality of Mars works well with a Capricorn moon.  A Capricorn moon calls out to you to take action and create
positive changes in yourself and in the world around you. Do you have a goal?  Reach for it.  Use good communication skills to express a positive, new idea at work.  Avoid finger pointing.  Family and personal relationships can still be a little awkward right now, so concentrate on changing and developing yourself.  Come from a point of what you do want to create in your life, not from a point of what you don't want to create.  This is a powerful moon.

We are in a three year period of phenomenal growth and change due to the square of Uranus and Pluto.  You can utilize the square's power to fuel your personal development - spiritually as well as materially.  If you believe that all your efforts to make strategic gains so far have either run into massive hurdles or impenetrable walls, now is your time to rise and shine.  You are capable and you are coming into your own.

To be clear, astrologers aren't simply referring to personal growth when they talk about the power held by the Uranus and Pluto square.  They are talking about societal, even planetary growth.  The rigidity and stagnation we've been collectively experiencing is dropping farther away from us every day.  However, just as surely as we can take steps forward, we can just as easily take them backward.  It comes down to personal responsibility within our collective fate.

Living consciously means that you take responsibility for your decisions, your beliefs and the road you've chosen to travel.  It's a tall order, but frankly, I can't think of anything more challenging or rewarding.  There are no ordinary moments.  You are here, so be present, be engaged, be the moment.  If you have personal history that holds you back, meditate and release it as the moon moves into it's waning cycle.  Don't really meditate?  Then it's time to learn.

In terms of the tarot, look for the suit of Wands in your tarot spreads.  Wand energy (element of fire, creativity and action - do, don't observe) should be embraced right now, but be clear and focused on the positive.  The Page of Wands heralds a new endeavor, while the Knight of Wands carries terrific energy for your new project.   The Fool may appear, but remember, he is divinely protected as he begins his journey.  Be responsible in your decisions, but stretch the borders of your reality.

Lest I sound as if the Aquarian Age has miraculously arrived, remember that July's Buck Moon will carry a lot of energy and not all of it, stable.  It is imperative that you control your emotions and not let them control you.  Also, July 14th is not just Bastille Day this year.  It begins the next Mercury Retrograde ( see blog post on Mercury Retrograde)  period which will last until August 8th.  So get your sage ready.

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