Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You Are What You Speak - The Power of Words on the Physical Body

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Deva Padma
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There was a mother and her son pushing their cart along the aisle at the grocery store this afternoon.  The mother's T-shirt said, "Bad Attitude," underneath a picture of Oscar, the Grouch from Sesame Street.  Her son's shirt read, "I didn't ask for your opinion, so shut your f(ing) mouth."  We can all agree that negative messages can't produce positive growth.  If you wear a message shirt while in the public eye, that message is the first impression you make on the people around you.  And that's fine because what you wear is a matter of choice and individual freedom.  However, what about the message you're sending yourself?

If you're familiar with the work of Masaru Emoto ("The
OSHO Zen Tarot© by Deva Padma
Message From Water")  you're already familiar with his contention that ordinary words carry the power to actually alter matter.  More correctly, Emoto theorizes that each word we speak is imbued with a creative energy simply because we use that particular word to define and recognize an item, or trait we are describing.  Emoto photographed the frozen crystals of various types of water directly from their source and then photographed samples of the same water after they'd been labeled with words such as, beautiful, ugly, love, hate, frightened, happy, etc.  His photographs are astounding.  The more positive the messages written on the water, the brighter and more clearly defined the crystal structure of the sample.  When a negative word or message was written on the water, the resulting crystal appeared less symmetrical in shape and darker in color.  Whether or not you agree with the outcome of Emoto's experiments, you have to admit that that the concept is fascinating and is certainly worthy of further exploration.

OSHO Zen Tarot© by Deva Padma
We know that words can psychologically wound and that positive reinforcement does more to teach appropriate behavior than yelling and name calling.  If we understand this about the world outside of ourselves, why wouldn't our inner world, our physical body, respond in the same way?  Think about why meditation works in the first place.  You disengage from outer stimulus and by focusing on your inner being, achieve harmony between your physical, mental and spiritual selves.  

The messages we send ourselves via the type of music we
OSHO Zen Tarot© by Deva Padma
listen to, the movies we watch and the cultural memes we endorse effect us just as surely as our religious and political upbringings.   However, as adults, we get to choose what we allow to cross into our personal territory and we can label ourselves in any fashion we want.  If you subscribe to the theory that  words hold the power to either nourish or malnourish your physical form, then it only makes sense to carefully consider the messages you use for self-expression.  Catch phrase zingers are all well and good on a thirty minute sit-com, but don't usually translate well as an endorsement for a lifetime philosophy. 

To own your truth you must live your truth and choosing your truth can be a difficult thing.  To borrow from a cultural meme, "Choose wisely."


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