Saturday, June 16, 2012

Major Arcana No. 19, The Sun - Pay It Forward

The battle with your shadow-self in over and now you get to ride a pony around the garden, naked, with a plume on your head.  We've talked about free will before.  Don't blame me if you get arrested, or at the very least, get a bad sunburn.  Flowers are blooming, you are innocent, open and happy.  Be encouraged.  Life is filled with possibilities and it's time to find ways to express your joy in the moment.  Just as The Moon (No. 18) portrayed your doubts and anxieties in the shadows of the rocky lunar landscape,  The Sun offers a warm, fertile place to grow our dreams and make them a reality.

It's all too easy to let our anxiety and fear take hold of us.  We become focused on lack and scarcity.  We also stop living in the moment and that's when we get blindsided by issues and problems caused by not being present in our own life.  The Sun encourages you to join the dance and explore your potential.  Sunshine is for everyone.  There are no judgments.  All you have to do is show up and pay attention.

A friend of mine received an envelope in her mail this week.  It wasn't an ad,  or the chance  to make millions.  It was the identification that she'd lost on a hiking trip in the Columbia River Gorge a month earlier.  There was a note enclosed that simply said, "Pay it forward."  This could just be a pleasant little story about the kindness of strangers, but it isn't.  There's much more to it than that.  My friend had strayed off the path in The Moon.  It wasn't entirely her fault, she got bombarded by the Universe and ran into the shadows for cover.  Heck, we've all done the same thing and we all know people who've chosen to never come back.  But a wonderful thing happened for my friend.  She asked herself why she'd decided to stop being present in her own life.  Why did she stop taking responsibility for her journey and allow other people and their energy to effect her?  In that moment of realization, she stepped back into the moonlight and headed for the sunrise.

The decision to take accountability and make positive changes in our lives is never easy.  You have to face the issues that made you surrender your control in the first place.  It takes a strong light to see things clearly and as we step from the darkness into the sunlight, we naturally squeeze our eyes shut.  But slowly, our vision adjusts and the fresh air and birdsong fills us with enough hope that we gain the courage to open our eyes.  Once our eyes are opened, we can see our reality and garner the perspective we need to make changes.

I received a call from my friend shortly after her moment of clarity.  It wasn't a call filled with woe, or asking for a pity party.  She gave me a short list of what she wanted in her life.  Not her problems, mind you, but her solutions to them along with her goals.  My friend had stepped into the garden of The Sun.  She told me about losing her identification and stated with conviction that someone would find it and return it to her.  Three weeks later that's exactly what happened.  Amazing occurrences continue to happen in her life, her problems, while not entirely cleared up, are becoming manageable and her goals, suddenly more attainable.  

Stories like my friend's encourage all of us when we find ourselves lurking in the lunar shadows.  If The Sun has shown up in your reading, follow it with joy and an open spirit.  As miraculous things unfold in your life, own them.  By being present and focused, you've brought them to you.  And as the stranger reminded my friend, "Pay It Forward."



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