Sunday, June 24, 2012

Victory and the Seven of Pentacles - All In a Day’s Work

Today was a terrific day.  I accomplished my five mile cardio power walk, basic household chores, hoisted and moved two, count ‘em, two, diesel marine engines, worked on a dance costume, mediated, read the tarot and wrote.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now deeply under the influence of the Seven of Pentacles.  In just a moment I’ll indulge in my slippers and a glass of wine in the garden while dinner cooks on the grill.  Life is sweet.
You know the Seven of Pentacles - the fellow leaning on his hoe and gazing with satisfaction (and probably a sore back) at his pentacle harvest.  Number seven is about rewards received for efforts expended.  Six, healthy, good-sized pentacles grow on a vine while a seventh pentacle grows alone on another small plant.  The reddish earth is rich and fertile.  Our farmer has worked long and hard for this harvest and now his reward is at hand.
The definition of the Seven of Pentacles is pretty straight forward.  You’ve worked hard and now you’re ready to harvest the fruit of your labor.  But, what about the small plant?  Some readers view the little shrub as a warning that you must decide whether or not to remain content with your present good fortune, or risk losing it all on a new venture.  An interpretation like that really depends on the question asked and the surrounding cards in the querent’s spread.  
Instead of a lesson about the whole bird in the hand theory, let’s view the new plant as a sign of self-propagation. Even though the plant, or new opportunity yields a small return now, the return is still proof that your efforts are self-sustaining.  Victory over material circumstances.  As long as you continue to weed out the unnecessary and provide the proper environment, your success will continue.
All sevens in the tarot suits deal with aspects of victory.  The Seven of Wands shows us an individual who will hold their ground successfully.  Will it be a hard fight?  You bet, but hold his ground, he will.  In Cups the seven shows us the variety of choices our victory gives us.  The lesson here is to be mindful of what you are choosing and the underlying reasons for your choice. Lastly, the Seven of Swords offers us an intriguing look at a bold victory through covert and perhaps less than honorable actions. Sketchy, but victory none-the-less.
Next time you collapse on your couch after a tough day at the gym, work, or mulching the entire backyard, take time to celebrate your personal victory.  Think about the Seven of Pentacles and reward yourself with some of your favorite little things in life.  You’ve earned it.  Besides, a reward today makes picking up the hoe again a heck of a lot easier tomorrow.


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