Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mercury in Leo, August 8th - August 23rd - “Communications and Creativity”

There’s a little of the proverbial silver tongued devil in all of us
when Mercury visits Leo.  How much depends on whether or not you have Leo in your natal chart.  If you do, consider a career in sales, or running for political office, because you, my friend, have a superior gift of gab, especially right now.  Mercury in Leo effects all of us in varying degrees.  All of us will notice that in the next couple of weeks we’ll have more of an urge to speak up and get our message across to the world.  The problem arises when we allow ourselves to be influenced by Leo’s negative side, i.e. the ego.

The Sun is ruler of the sign, Leo
The Sun;s tarot card shows us a joyous,
element kind of happy
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There are essentially two ways we communicate – through our sense of self, or through our heart.  When you engage your sense of self, or ego to help you determine how, or what you communicate, you put yourself and your feelings of self-importance before the truth of any message you’re trying to convey.  Our ego demands to be fed first and its favorite meal consists of feelings of entitlement, rightness and superiority. The heart is another matter entirely.  Communications from your the heart, sans ego, looks for the truth in all matters.  You more keenly discern a situation and it becomes easier to respect the needs of others and to response to those needs instead of simply reacting to them. 

Enough with the cautionary tales already!  Mercury in Leo is
Mercury's Tarot card is The Magician
Now tell we how cool Leo in Mercury is!
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here for us to enjoy and enjoy it you will.  The stories you relay to others will be more colorful, your humor, quicker and your enthusiasm, infectious.  Mercury in Leo carries great creative energy as well.  Dust off your sewing machine, dig out that manuscript you started last summer.  Express yourself in a myriad of ways: Gardening, cooking, painting or general fix up.  The message from Mercury this month is very clear.  Engage in life, honestly and directly.  No sulking, no hiding.  You have something to say.  Express it positively and with love.


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