Monday, September 24, 2012

September's Full Harvest Moon 2012 - 7 Degrees, 22 Seconds Aires

Astrologically speaking, September has been a challenging month for some of us. If you were able to stay on top of the wave and ride the energy, you discovered some fantastic opportunities to accomplish your goals.  September's Full Moon, however, comes with a warning label.  The Full Harvest Moon of the 29th (the closest full moon to the Autumnal Equinox is called the Harvest Moon) is seven degrees, twenty-two seconds in Aires.  Aires, the Greek God of War is represented by the Major Arcana card, #4, The Emperor.  Mars, the Roman God of War is also the ruling planet for Aires. Can’t you just feel that testosterone surge?  Mars happens to be deployed in Scorpio now and is squaring off with Leo. (see blog: “Astrology Watch September 2012 - Shebang!)  As a Scorpio, I'd be better off hiding under my bed during this month's full moon phase.  It's a good thing I've labeled September as “Self-determination Month,” isn’t it? 

The word on the street for our Aires full moon is, ‘revolutionary.’  Astrologers advise approaching the run up dates, of the 27th and 28th, with a clear mind and a steadfast heart.  You will need both to navigate the riptides and shoals of this Harvest Moon.  

Uranus squares Pluto - again.  That’s happening a lot lately and will continue to do so for some time.  We have seven full-on Uranus Pluto squares from June 2012 to 2015. This particular square produces extremely powerful, even incendiary energy in the arena of social change.  We had Uranus Pluto squares during the 1960's.  Under the influence of Aires’ warrior energy,though, the Uranus Pluto square can easily take a fanatical turn, not only in your life, but also in the world around you.  It’s best to avoid conversations where tempers are likely to flair.  Don't talk politics, religion or reality TV shows.  

While the Uranus - Pluto square brings focus and energy to your goals, however under this particular sky, your ambition easily couples with your pride.  You may have no patience with people who see things differently than you , or who question what your saying.  “My way or the highway,” becomes “Get out of my way, you un-evolved, little wretch.” You’re going to damage a lot of friendships with an attitude like that.  Stay focused, positive and proactive.  Power past any distractions caused by other people flailing around in reactionary panic.  There’s tremendous opportunity for transformation right now if you maintain presence of mind.

Avoid personal addictions next week.  They’re a distraction - even the most benign stuff like chocolate, sticky buns or an addiction to exercise.  Surf’s up people.  Waimea has come in and you can either ride the crest of the wave or wipe out.  Your choice.  

Here are the tarot numbers for the dates from September 27th through the 30th, the Major Arcana cards, the lesson card (reduced from the card #) and the Major Arcana card’s ruling sign:

Date         Major Arcana                Lesson Card #s            Ruling Sign         Card Meaning                         

27th:        #14, Temperance              5s, loss and conflict      Sagittarius              Blending, moderation
                              (If you insist on all or nothing, that's usually what you'll get)

28th         #15, The Devil                 6s, communication        Capricorn               Enslavement
                     ( Turn off your smart phone and talk to the people you are actually with)

29th         #7,   The Chariot              7s, victory                      Cancer                  Triumph over adversity
              (It's been tough going today, but you will succeed.  Just don't run over anybody)

30th         #8,    Strength                   8s, movement                Leo                       Compassion, coping
    (The situation is changing.  You have the coping skills to see it through, but remember kindness)

Next month Saturn moves into Scorpio.  I might be posting my blog from under my bed after all.



Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 23, 2014 - "All Things Being Equal - Autumn Equinox"

#14 Temperance from
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's Steampunk Tarot©
balance, harmony, middle ground
Good card for an equinox
Crisp apples, colorful leaves, scarecrows.  It must be Fall.  On September 23rd the sun will shine directly on the equator and we will have close to twelve equal hours of both daylight and darkness.  Equator, equal hours - say, you don’t suppose that’s why they call it an equinox, do you?  Clever.  We have two equinoxes annually, one in September and one in March.  In the northern hemisphere the September equinox heralds Autumn, while in the southern hemisphere, it heralds Spring.  

The ancient Greeks blamed the change of seasons on a case of unrequited love gone very bad. Beautiful Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, God of the Underworld and taken to his kingdom to reign as his Queen.  Persephone’s mother, Demeter, Goddess of Plants and Crops, greatly mourned the loss of her only daughter.  Soon all the plants of Earth began to wither and die as the temperature dropped dramatically.  Zeus, king of all the Gods grew alarmed at the state of things on Earth and ordered Hades to return the girl to her mother.  
Hades making off with Persephone
He should have used on-line dating
Unfortunately, as with all stories like this, there was a catch.  Persephone could only return to the upper world if she hadn’t eaten anything while in Hades’ realm.  Who makes up rules like this?  As it happened, she’d eaten six pomegranate seeds.  Apparently, there was no Pizza Hut in the underworld and she must have gotten desperate.  Pomegranates look a lot cooler to eat than they actually are. Those tiny, juicy seeds pockets are cute and all, but after the first fifteen or so, forget it.  Anyway, in sympathy for Demeter, and probably because of the lack of descent cuisine in the underworld, Zeus decided that Persephone could return to her mother for six months out of each year - Spring and Summer - but must return to Hades for the other six - Autumn and Winter.  She should have gotten herself a better lawyer.  

7 of Pentacles shows us the
bounty of a harvest
RWCS US Games©
It's important for us to mark the changing of the seasons.  Time-honored traditions reconnect us to the Earth and to our ancient pagan ancestors.  The early Christian church adopted the less edgy aspects of pagan traditions as a way of drawing members to their faith.  For example Michaelmas (pronounced Micklemus),  the Feast of St. Michael, (also called the Feast of All Angels) is held on September 29th, a week after the September equinox.  Feast days always sported dancing and merrymaking in the old days, but Michaelmas also served as the time for settling up accounts.  Christian churches also adopted this idea as well and today many of them still ask their congregations for financial support during Autumn tithing.

Mabon, is a pagan festival, named for the son of the Welsh Goddess Modron, the Earth Mother.  His name means "Great Son" or "Great Hunter" and he is the God of Harvests.  The festival of Mabon is held on the equinox.  Giving thanks for a good harvest and therefore the means to survive another winter was the central theme.  However, during Mabon you were also encouraged to explore the spiritual meaning of balance.  Just as the hours of light and dark were balanced during this particular time, people reflected upon achieving balance and harmony between themselves and the natural world around them.  

The old English festival of Harvest Home gives us the
A Corn Dolly, symbol of Harvest Home,
was made by twisting sheaves of wheat
into this intricate shape

tradition of corn dollies and dried apple dolls, not to mention a very scary book by Tom Tryon of the same name.  I grew up in New England and I remember being fascinated by the dried apple dolls made by some of the older people in our village.  A series of shallow, tiny cuts made in a peeled apple reveals a face of depth and character once the fruit dries out.   

Other old traditions survive today as well.  "Burning Man" festival owes its origins to the corn dollies created long ago by twisting sheaves of grain into dolls that were said to hold the spirit of the harvest.  These dollies were burned along with other wicker images, giving thanks and releasing the spirit of the grain once more into the land.

Mark Ryan and John Matthews
deck, "The Wildwood Tarot"©,
illustrated by Will Worthington,
uses "The Seer" as the traditional
"High Priestess" 
Autumn festivals have always been part of the human experience.  While they denote the time of gathering and gleaning, they also ask us to look deeper into our own existence, to try to come to terms with the eternal cycle of life.  The green leaves and shoots of Spring bring joy and limitless potential after the bleakness of winter.  Autumn, with its bold reds and orange colors lends itself to gratitude and satisfaction for a job well done.  Though our time in this existence is finite, we are all part of an endless cycle beautifully represented by seasonal change.  Whatever your faith or belief system, take time to honor the seasons and therefore honor your own life.


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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Care and Feeding of Tarot Cards - Practical Advise For People New to Tarot

“These are my Tarot cards.
There are many others like them,
but these are mine.”

                                Apologizes to “Full Metal Jacket”

It’s thrilling when a new Tarot deck comes your way.  There’s that moment of flirtation when you first spot each other across a crowded card display, (“Hello, good-looking! Do you come here often?”) or when you pull them from their shipping box and your new deck sees you for the first time.  In either case, you pick them up and feel that lurch in your chest that tells you there’s a connection between the two of you.  Maybe your hands start to burn, maybe you get lightheaded, but in some way the energy of a new card deck makes itself known to you.  

Clearing and waking a new card deck is pretty simple.  Place your cards in your writing hand.  You write with your dominate hand and it’s also this hand that receives energy from the universe and senses changes in the energy fields around you.  For example, when you’re testing a crystal’s vibration, you place it in the palm of your dominate hand.  You do the same thing with your deck.  Your other hand sends energy.  Focus for a moment and imagine white light gathering in your sending hand.  Now pull your hand into a fist and rap it sharply on the deck in your opposite hand.  

Turn your deck face up so you can see the images in each card.  This is the best part.  Your cards are in order and they may never be in order again - unless you’re OCD, that is.  Starting with The Fool, pass each card from one hand to the other as you study the images.  As you review the cards, imagine a beam of white light coming from your third eye going directly into each card.  Think, or even speak the word, ‘clear’ as you go through the deck.  Your deck is now clear of residual energy from idle handling in transit to you.  

There are many ways to establish a connection with your new deck.  The methods are as many and as varied as the decks themselves.  Some people like to sleep with their new decks, or carry them on their person for a while until they feel a bond has formed with their deck.  If that works for you great.  I like to show my new decks my reading table, introduce them to the crystal balls and the other decks.  Then I build them a nest.  

I usually have a bag handy, if I don’t, I make one, or wrap the cards up in a cloth.  I like to think of a card bag as a comfy chair for decks - somewhere they can put there feet up and forget a hard day’s work.  Weird, maybe, but I like knowing they can relax and sigh contentedly in their nests as they let go of the day’s events and come back into their own energy.  Don’t we all feel better doing that?  I put sprigs of lavender and a small piece of black tourmaline in each card bag to calm them and clear away negative energy.  I sometimes also include a clear, quartz crystal or a piece of labradorite to assist in raising the vibration level around the cards and make it easier for them and me to reach a higher state of consciousness during a reading.  

After a public event, where I’ve read multiple people, I pass the decks and bags (I always take two to three decks with me) through smoke from either a sweetgrass or sage smudge and run the crystals under cold water.  I place the decks on my reading table with my selenite tower.  Once they are cleared and contented, I tuck the decks away for a day of two.  I never use the same decks for consultations two days in a row.  

When you teach, students often bring decks to you that they can’t connect with, or don’t feel are a proper fit for them.   It’s sad to see orphaned decks, particularly if you, yourself have enjoyed working with the deck in question.  Many people don’t like reading from a used deck and I would never endorse purchasing second-hand cards from an unknown source.  However, if you know the person giving you the cards and, more importantly, know and like their energy, there are good methods for clearing and balancing slightly used cards. Once properly cleared, you can reclaim an orphaned deck and pass them along to someone who is able bond with the cards.  The deck is no longer an orphan and both cards and their new reader go on to live happy and productive lives together.  I use the same method to clear orphaned decks as I do for ones I use at a public reading.  I also take the extra step of misting their bag with Dragon’s Blood oil.   The deck will be less likely to pick up your energy that way and will stay clear until you present it to its new owner.  One important clarification:  Clear means clear of all outside energy not natural to the cards themselves.  Repeat clearing steps until you feel nothing but the energy of the cards themselves.

Cards are sensitive to moods and atmosphere.  Even though we know this as readers, it’s very easy to forget.  If you take the time to regularly work with your decks and keep them clear, you not only deepen their connection to you, but also maintain their flexibility  for working with friends or clients.  Together, you and your deck will accomplish amazing things.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Astrology Watch - September 2012, Shebang!

The word on the web amongst astrologers this month is, Shebang!  Although opinions vary on whether the cosmic winds blow fair or foul, there's one thing all astrologers agree upon regarding September's astrological forecast.  We've got some power going on out there folks.

The Sun and Mercury are on a road trip through Virgo right now.  Mercury, who also happens to be Virgo's ruling planet, governs the mind and communications, much like the suit of Swords does in Tarot.  What we are currently seeing is Virgo's attention to detail and analytical thinking, supped up by Mercury's intensity.  The Sun and Mercury are conjunct on September 10th, lending us a quickness of mind.  This mental agility comes in handy when dealing with complex endeavors.  Those of us who've planted conceptual seeds and nurtured them carefully throughout the summer saw our first seedlings pop up at the end of August.  We began to act upon our ideas.  Now is the time to take the next step.  Transplant your ideas into a larger pot.  (Okay - totally done with the gardening metaphors now) However, stay practical in your approach. Remember:  Analyze and pay attention to the smallest details.  Let the Virgo/Mercury mix guide you.

On September 6th, Venus enters Leo.  Behold the lioness.  She hunts.  She stalks.  She comes in for the kill.  Feminine energy runs high this month and guess what?  It runs straight into Mars in Scorpio.  Shebang, remember?  This square sets the stage for high drama is relationships, whether personal or professional.  We have particularly quick-minded lionesses circling their kill, not so certain they want to give any portion of it to the lion.  And she's probably singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect" as she hunkers down for her meal. Oh, she's just a tad bit territorial.  Lions, bolstered by Martian influences and being who they are, don't  understand why they are not being given their due.  In turn, lions might wish to retreat into their caves - a desire that should be honored.  Ladies may feel under-appreciated during this square and men may not understand why.  Hopefully you dusted off your copy of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" in June ( see blog Strawberry Moon) as I suggested.  It's still one of the best relationship books out there and very timely this month.

Mercury leaves Virgo on the heels of the New Moon and enters Libra on the 16th.  Libra is about balance and we will begin to see a turn from cool, analytical communications towards a more genial, diplomatic approach.  The Major Arcana card for Libra is # 11, Justice.  In Tarot, Justice is about karma and fairness.  Be sure that what you've put out into the Universe this month has been fair.  Otherwise, you know what we say about karma.

We are continuing to pull power from the Uranus - Pluto square.  Individually, as well as collectively, we can get out in front of this energy and use it to release old concepts and welcome new ideas.  Again, this energy allows us to explore our individuality.  Our biggest advances as a civilization are built on the backs of just this sort of exploration.  Instead of asking 'why' our greatest innovators have always asked, 'why not.'  Step out of the pack.  Sure, it's not as safe.  Self-determination can be a scary thing.  But look at it this way; it's harder to hit a moving target.

We have the Equinox on September 22nd.  Can't you just smell the cider?  And this month's Full Moon is in Aries.  I'll be touching on these events later this month.  In the meantime, my key phrase for the month is 'self-determination.'  You are the sum total of what you choose to put into your life.  No more, no less.  No one has the right to determine your reality but you.  September is your month, the cosmic influences yours to do with as you choose.   You can step out and determine your course, or try to stay put and let yourself be tossed about on the winds of change.  Remember, though, you're not really alone.  We're all out there with you, regardless of where and how we live.  We are all connected and the fate of one has an impact, direct or not, on us all.  We can move forward together.

Below is a list of Tarot cards and corresponding planets and signs.  Consider the lessons in these cards as they appear in your readings this month, or use them as focal points for mediation.  Enjoy!


Uranus   # 0   The Fool     (makes sense in term of Uranus Pluto, doesn't it? A new journey of the soul.)

Pluto     # 22  Judgment    (rebirth. Uh huh, see what I'm saying?)

Venus   #  3  The Empress

Mars     # 16  The Tower

Moon   #   2   The High Priestess

Sun      #  19    The Sun

Virgo   #    9     The Hermit

Libra   #   11    Justice

Aries   #     4    The Emperior

Scorpio  #  13   Death