Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday - August 1st - The Ten of Pentacles

This morning I shuffled my tarot deck for my daily message.  I often go for the single draw when I don't have time for the full spread and face it, very few of us are running ahead of schedule on a Monday morning.  Today's message came in the form of the Ten of Pentacles.  Affluence and material success.  Cool.  Maybe someone should tell the government.  Still, if I'm seeking a message for the beginning of the work week, affluence is a great one to get.  

We hear a lot about the winners attitude and that if we wish to be a success in life, we need to emulate the habits of successful people.  True enough.  It's important to stay positive and continue to focus on what you would like to see more of occurring in your life.  I once worked with a salesman who refused to believe in the term, luck.  He said that LUCK simply stood for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.  I don't completely agree with him.  His view of luck discounts the odds of chance in the Universe and that's something I would never do.  Luck also happens when you live in the moment and focus there so intently that you, not only see the opportunities as they present themselves, but also have the presence of mind to act upon them. And acting on an opportunity makes all the difference.

So today I am endeavoring to stay focused in the present and look for the opportunities.  Probably nothing too huge like founding my own country will materialize, but after all the biggest events can grow from the smallest seeds.  My message today: Stay focused on the possibilities and believe in the magic of random chance.

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