Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Venus in Aires February 20, 2015 – "Come Feel the Warrior in Love"

The sign of Aires carries the energy of firsts – first in line, first to discover, first to start again.  It is the first sign of the Zodiac and from its position in our birth charts we derive our concept of self, as well as our personality.  Aires' symbol is a ram and there's no question as to why that is.  Powerhouse Aires likes to lead the way and has no room for half measures.  Aires embraces its character traits and blazes a trail by effectively using whatever planetary energy comes to hand.  On February 20th fair Venus entered dominant, male Aires and the wild rumpus began.

Venus in Aires does not tolerate half-hearted efforts.  She falls and falls 
The Emperor - Aires power as depicted in
"The Wizard's Tarot"© by
Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen
hard when her romantic interest is sparked. Sparked?  More like spontaneously combusts.  When Venus transits Aires there's much more leaping than looking and in the cold light of reason the results of that high dive can leave a lot to be desired.  A sleek body, a winning smile and a great wardrobe cover a multitude of sins as far as Venus in Aires in concerned, so if you have this transit prominently in your birth chart, or were born under the Sign of the Ram ( a particularly tawdry, late 40's black and white, B movie, by the way) you can find yourself transfixed by passion and romance with very little substance.  Venus in Aires does not always love wisely, but certainly loves well.

One note of caution:  Since Aires likes to be first place in virtually everything it touches there can be some egocentric behaviors attached to this transit.  Remember that healthy love doesn't impose or dominate.  It supports, joins, emboldens and enhances.

Sexy and savvy, Aly Fell and Barbara
Moore's depiction of The Empress fills
the bill for Venus. From "Steampunk Tarot"©
An astounding deck!
The tarot cards to watch in your readings during the Venus in Aires transit are the suit of Cups (naturally), in particular, the Queen as she is intensely focused in her passions, as well as the 2 of Cups (relationships).  Also watch the Major Arcana cards, #6, The Lovers, #3, The Empress (Venus' card), #4, The Emperor (Aires' card), #16, The Tower (tarot association for Mars, the ruler of Aires) and last but still important, #18, The Moon (for those romantic illusions). Happy shuffling!


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