Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 2012 - New Moon Eclipse In Scorpio

By now many of us have come to terms with the quirks of this month’s Mercury Retrograde.  We’re cleaning closets, revisiting plans and generally giving our lives a once over.

This Mercury Retrograde began the month in 6 degrees and 47 minutes of Sagittarius and will conclude on November 26th in passionate and mysterious Scorpio. 21 degrees and 57 minutes to be exact.  Certain astrological websites imply that Scorpio’s influence on the retrograde could cause old romances to rekindle.  If you’re going to rekindle anything - romantically speaking - make sure that it’s capable of sustaining the flame all on its own.  Words like ‘written in the stars’ make great song lyrics, but can ring a little hollow once the stars change their positions.  There was probably a good reason the relationship ended the first time around.

Let’s talk about what’s truly exciting this month - two, count ‘em, two eclipses.  November 13th is the New Moon and this month our lunar gal is bringing a solar eclipse with her as she tours the sign of Scorpio.  So hang on to your bootstraps, me Scorpion hearties.  This eclipse packs the power of 10 new moons.  Though we will all feel the burn on this one, you, dear Scorpio, are going to feel it burn all the way to your toes.  

Scorpio is a sign of passionate focus and strong-willed determination.  This powerful new moon offers all of us the chance to set intentions and renew our relationships.  That’s what new moons do.  However, each of us must decide whether the power from this super charged new moon will have positive or negative consequences in our lives.  Scorpio is a sign of extremes.  This solar eclipse brings all of us the chance to transform our lives - a process natural to a Scorpio.  We can release the attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve the direction we wish our lives to take, or we can use the eclipse energy to fill ourselves with spite and a determination to redress old wrongs, whatever the cost.  Again, it’s our choice, but ask yourself, which scenario you think will serve you better in the long run.  We’ve all got a marvelous opportunity to release and renew on November 13th - perfect ‘r’ words, by the way for the retrograde period. 
During the solar eclipse we will also be seeing a square between Mercury and Neptune.  As previously stated, the eclipse power will be either dark or light, depending on whether you choose to grow via release or to poison yourself with spite.  There may be times when you feel caught in a planetary tug of war between your higher self and your lowest impulses.  That’s the Neptune Mercury square.  Should this happen, beat a hasty retreat (another ‘r’ word for you) for some serious solitude.  If you can’t rise above your lower impulses, you don’t have to inflict them on others.  Meditate.  Stay holed up with your DVD player until you recover.  And remember, that’s why the Universe gave us cheesecake. 

On November 16th Mars is in Capricorn and there will probably be an early morning uptick in the stock market as the war god flexes his muscle.  Mars, under Capricorn’s influence will bring out brisk efficiency in those wanting to hone their organizational skills.  In tarot readings, you want to pay particular attention to the appearance of Wands and Pentacles (elements of fire and earth) in your readings - especially the Ace or Page.  Both of these cards denote the introduction of an endeavor or the beginning of a creative period or process.  While you shouldn’t sign any contracts until after the 26th and the end of retrograde, take notice of the opportunities presenting themselves to you.  Mars reigns in Capricorn for six weeks.    You’ll have plenty of time to act on your opportunities after retrograde.  Just be sure you act.

I will be cover the Full Moon in Gemini and lunar eclipse on the 28th later this month.

Here’s a look at the cards for some of the players on the field this month.

CARD                                   RULES                                  MEANING

#13, Death                         Scorpio                           Transformation

#1  The Magician               Mercury                         Conscious Awareness, Directed Action

#12 The Hanged Man       Neptune                         Letting Go, Suspension

#2   The High Priestess    Moon                              Intuition

#16  The Tower                  Mars                               Sudden Change

#15  The Devil                    Capricorn                      Enslavement to the Material

#19  The Sun                      The Sun                         Enlightenment

#6    The Lovers                 Gemini                           Relationships, Values

# 21 The World                  Saturn                             Integration

As you can see, Mercury and Neptune really are giving us a tug in opposite directions.  You can also see the potential conflicts with Mars in Capricorn.  A sudden change is always particularly distressing when we focus only on the material in life.  Luckily, Saturn, though a tough taskmaster, is in Scorpio.  This means that the lessons we learn help us integrate the various parts of ourselves, allowing for growth as we move closer towards the Sun, or, enlightenment.  Simple, right?  I don’t know about that.  Until I master that whole growth/transformation thing I’m laying in an extra supply of cheesecake.


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